Day Camps:

“What a terrific camp! On Monday you said your goal was for the kids to have a great time, learn something and feel like this was the best camp they have ever attended. Zachary came home home on Monday and said to me, ‘mom, it was just like the coach said. We were having so much fun we didn’t even realize how hard we were working and how much we were learning.’ The only problem is how to follow this up this summer.” Kathy L.

“Joe – thanks for a great camp experience. My kids had a great time and i think learned a lot about soccer. If there are things I can do with them to help them maintain their knowledge over the summer, please let me know. Thanks again, Andrew”

“Hi Joe, My two sons just attended your Session Two Soccer Camp. (and of course, they loved it!) Thanks so much. See you next summer!” -Alice O

Specialty Camps

“I just want to say Thank You. We sent my U-10 daughter to your Goal Scoring camp last week and she absolutely loved it. My wife and I sat there on the track in lawn chairs most of the week and watched and enjoyed seeing the kids having so much fun. Her camp counselors were Caitlin (Wash U soccer grad) and Tim and they were both great. I saw it first hand that you run a first class camp. It was a nice balance between learning and still keeping it fun . Afterall, they are just kids. I just wanted to say that you have sold us and we will continue sending her to your summer camps for years to come. Thanks.” -Eric W. Z.

“Joe, I wanted to let you know that as a parent I was only able to attend 1 day of your camp this week, to watch my kids. But I liked the drills that were being taught to the kids. This was something that my son especially needed to work on and perhaps get his confidence back in. My son, Tyler, (age 14) enjoyed your camp very much. He told me that it was the BEST camp he had ever done. He looked forward to going each day. I think both of my kids got a lot out of your camp. So FYI – keep up the good work! We will look forward to doing your camp every year. Thanks!” -Dawn D.

“Dear Joe, My kids LOVE your camp!!! Thanks for all you do!” – Kathy

“Hi Mr.Clarke- My daughter Abby attended your “Goal Scoring” camp last week and had a wonderful experience. Abby was especially impressed with your counselor know as “The Rock”. I was wondering if he would also be involved with the dribbling camp this week. Abby only knew him as “The Rock” and we do not know his given name. He referred to Abby as “Incarnate” because that is the name of the elementary school she attends. Once again Abby enjoyed your camp and is looking forward to attending more in the future.” – Sincerely, Anne M.

“Coach Clarke, Both of my children enjoyed your camps greatly and both were fortunate enough to work and be trained by Tom Brannan and Rock. Emily has just finished a 4 day residential camp at … and has expressed that Joe Clarke’s soccer camp was best hands down and wants to do residential there next year. So if you don’t plan on having one could you recommend one that is similar to yours? We appreciate your time and effort. Thank you!” Ramona T.


Talent Identification Camp

“I can say that the camp influenced my decision to apply for early decision the most. It was such a relaxed but still a competitive atmosphere, which was awesome. One of the main reasons I was glad that I went to the camp, though, was that I got to see about 25 other kids that liked Wash U as much as I do and I felt that they were a good representation of the type of students and personalities that I would see at Wash U. I was also surprised and glad to see the amount of members of the team there. It was really cool seeing them interact with the coach and each other. Overall though, it was just a great experience. I got to talk to the director of admissions, see the campus and get a feel for what life at Wash U would be like.” Mark D., Tennessee

“The Joe Clarke camp was an excellent avenue for me to explore both athletic opportunities and academic interest. The camp boasts an exceptional staff including professional and D1 players that tailor their approach to each camper’s individual needs. More over, for prospective students – it is a great way to get to know Coach Clarke and the his players, both of whom have an active role in the camp. I left the camp knowing Wash U was the place for me.” Sam J., Ohio,


“The camp offered the perfect combination of being able to play and improve in soccer and at the same time, visit and get a sense of the school. I went to three or four other camps at universities this past summer, but this was the only one where both the coaches and the players showed a genuine interest in getting to know you and answer any questions you have about the school. I think that the camp is the best way to show your interest in the both the soccer and the academic parts of the University.” Ethan S., Virginia

“Jake really enjoyed your camp and from both of us it has ranked in the top two for camps that we attended this summer. The camps really helped Jake get prepared for the U.S. Development Academy tryouts and it resulted in him making the team.” Russ L, parent, Missouri

“Thank you for hosting a great camp this summer. I really appreciate all the time and effort that you and your staff put into making the camp go smoothly. I had a good experience and I’m glad I got to meet new players from around the area as well as the college players that play for you. Talking to the players really helped me get a better feel for what the school is like. Also, the food and facilities were excellent and the coaches were very helpful.” Dan V, Ohio
Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the soccer camp. The only thing I had was a great experience and learned a lot. I look at the game completely differently when I play, and I aspire to be a much better player than I am now. I will continue to work on the weak areas of my game” Andy I, Pennsylvania

“I just got back from your showcase residential camp and I wanted to thank you for putting together such a great camp, it was really a wonderful experience. I thought the Q & A with the WUSTL students was especially helpful in understanding what campus life is really like during the school year. … Thank you so much for your time and for putting the camp together. No matter where I end up with soccer, I definitely feel that your camp has made me a better player.” Judson M, Illinois

“I just wanted to send you a note to tell you that I really enjoyed attending the Washington University Residential Summer Camp. The competition at the camp was excellent and it was fun to meet players from all over the country. The week that I spent with you and your players only made me more interested in attending Washington U. after I graduate. The academics speak for themselves, the campus was beautiful and the people were great. I was very impressed by the close relationship between you and your players and hope to be a part of that next year. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.” Cody A, New York