Frequently Asked Questions

Day Camps

What happens after you send in the application?

After paying by credit card you will receive a confirmation email.  Further information will be emailed to you upon receipt of your application.

 Do I need anything besides the application?

You must submit the parental consent form.

What about medical insurance?

Please ensure your child is covered under your medical insurance.  The camp does not provide medical insurance for your child.

Are there any discounts for sending several of our children or attending multiple camps?

Instead of reducing the camp fee we give a free $25 Soccer Ball  to each camper when:

  • Family registration (i.e. two or more from the same family register for any 2018 camps) or;
  • Multi Session  (one child registering for more than one camp in 2018) or;
  • Team Registration (i.e. ten or more from the same team, submitting their applications and deposits together  by two weeks prior to camp).

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation refunds are provided when written notice is received two weeks prior to the starting date of the camp. There is a $15 administration fee assessed. Cancellations with less than 2 weeks written notice are refunded 50% of the camp enrollment fee.

What about camp ending injuries or sickness?

Camp-ending injuries receive a pro rata refund up to a maximum of 75% of the tuition.

What should we bring to camp?

First of all, put your name on anything you bring.  Try to send items you do not mind getting lost.  Each camper must have a ball. Purchase the camp ball or bring your own, Full day campers need to bring their lunch, campers age 6 – 8 need to bring a swim suit (older camper sometime swim, see below), change for the snack machines, soccer shoes, foot thongs for the locker room or lunch break, sun screen.  Break in brand new soccer shoes for a few weeks before camp.

Do we have a refrigerator for the lunches?

No, the lunches will be stored in their lockers.

Should older campers bring a swim suit?  

The first few days half day older campers  (age 9+) will not swim unless we have a lot of rain.  Our pool is indoors and if we face a lot of rain then we may swim, if there is no lightening.  As the week proceeds it is possible  the older half day campers will swim once on Wednesday or Thursday.  If has been very hot this is quite likely.  Full day older campers may swim  in the afternoon on a given day so they should bring their suit.

How do we handle bad weather?

We do not cancel camp.  We try to stay outside if all possible.  If we have to go inside then we will use various spaces including the pool, hallways, classrooms, gym space as available. When bad weather is predicted then please bring tennis shoes without spikes and an extra outfit in case we played in the rain and a swim suit and towel.

What about life guards?

Certified lifeguards will be present at swimming activities.

What is camper staff ratio?

The ratio will vary by age group with the youngest groups having the larger staffs and a ratio of 5 or 6 to 1.  The older age ratios will be between 8 and 10 to 1.  On average the ratio is 8 – 1.

What does the camp suggest the kids wear?

It is strongly suggested that campers arrive daily with sunscreen applied and extra for the remainder of the day.  Also wear light colored shirts, protect the shoulders and hats.  

Do you keep friends together?

Yes we keep friends UNLESS they are quite apart in age or if they are opposite gender.  After keeping friends together we then divide them by age, gender, how many we have in the age group if you registered for challenge. There is a group for all playing levels.

Chaminade specific notes: 

  • Most camp activities take place on the three fields on the north side of the campus.
  • Campers will store their bags either in the fenced in field or in the locker room
  • In the event of bad weather campers will come into the gym and the main school building

Specialty Soccer Camps at Washington University

  • Where do we drop off and pick up the campers?
    • This answer changes based on what construction / maintenance might be occurring on campus.  We will have signs pointing you to the drop off area. Generally drop off and pick up will take place at the first lot of Snow Way or from in front of the Athletic Center.  Again we will inform you.
  •  What time is drop and pick up?
    • Drop off from 8:15 AM to 9 AM.  Pick up is at 11:45 AM. For dribbling camp, pick up is at 2 PM.
  •  My child is doing morning and afternoon, what do we do?
    • Pack a lunch, we will all eat together while we rest up for the next session.
  • What do you do in case of rain?
    • Camp is not cancelled in the event of rain.  We will adjust our schedule and use available space in the athletic center and classrooms. Please know we will play through rain, unless it is pouring, but not lightening.
  • My child is 7 and has playing experience, may she/he participate in the dribbling, goal keeping or goal scoring camps?
    •  Call me, let’s talk it through.  Our concern is that we do not want youngsters demanding all the attention of the coaches.  It would depend on the maturity and soccer experience of the child.
  • What do you do when the heat is excessive?
    • We are very cautious with our campers.  We know heat stroke is an accumulative process.  We hydrate and take breaks frequently.  We will move segments of the camp to the shade.  We make whatever adjustments are necessary to keep your child safe.  It is important the parents do their part.  Have the kids wear light colored clothing, make them hydrate before they come, provide water bottles.  Let them lounge in a pool to cool down if you have pool accessibility.

Wash U Residential Showcase ID Camp Q & A

  • Explain the commuter’s day and what is provided to him?
    • The commuter will start the day at 8:15 AM.  His day will then conclude somewhere between 9 and 10 PM.  He will have a dorm space to store his equipment.  His lunch and dinner are provided.  Start and end times may change due to weather conditions.
  • Do you provide transportation to and from the airport?
    • Most campers will take a taxi to the university.  That will cost around $25.  
    • On the return leg we will bring the campers to the DeBalvidere metro link train station.  The metro will take the camper to the airport terminal for his flight.  Cost for the return trip is $2.  
  • I plan to fly in on Sun., and do not know what time I will arrive on campus, how will that work?
    • Camp registration begins at 9:00 AM on Sunday at the camp dormitory on the south 40 portion of the campus.  You will receive an info sheet indicating the dormitory.  We are on the field by 11 AM.  We will continue to man the registration area in the dormitory lobby.  My cell phone number is 314-799-6111.  We will send a map with your registration material.  The south 40 is where most of the dormitories are located.  Most taxi drivers know where the South 40 is located.  
    • Here is a link to the campus  map;  
    • Here is a link to WUSTL mobile applications with maps and more
    • I need to arrive on Saturday night before camp, where can I stay?   
      •  We can make arrangements to stay in the dorm on Saturday night.  There is cost of $50.  You can also stay at a local hotel and then come over to campus on Sunday.
    • I am making return flight arrangements, what time does camp end on Wednesday?  
      • On Tuesday evening we have a round table with returning players and some alumni which usually ends about 11 PM.  That is the last substantial part of the camp.  We do a bit on the field on Wednesday morning but we are packed and out of our dorm rooms by 11 AM.  We will have the shuttle running thru the morning so make the flight times which work best for you even if it is earlier on Wednesday morning.
    • Why do you believe that I will have such a strong feel for the school after a week of camp that is not during the school year?
      • You will be living and eating in the campus facilities.  Everyday activities will take you around the campus. Camp includes a campus tour plus a meeting with a representative of the admissions office.  The camp staff is assisted by some of our Washington University soccer team members.  You will be able to interact with them every day and ask lots of questions.  Finally we will have a round table discussion with college coaches and players who are available.
    • Tell me about the ages and numbers of kids you have had at camp in previous years?
      • Our camp has been at or near capacity, 80 to 100 participants. 75% of the players at camp are entering their junior or senior year in high school. On average we have campers from 25 to 30 different states and a few from oversees.  In the past few years we have had campers from Egypt, France, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Singapore and Switzerland.