Our focus is on observing and enhancing your skill and decision making.  We believe the game is the best teacher, so almost everything we do is competitive and game like. We want you to have a feel for how we see the game.  So field sessions and chalk sessions will give you that sense for us. And we want you to leave camp healthy, so not every day will be 3 sessions a day.

Besides soccer, what is in the camp for players?

  • Great way for you to assess the living conditions at Washington University
  • Meet with an Admissions Representative and find out more information about the university
  • Get to know some of the current Washington University Soccer Program student athletes
  • Meet possible future classmates assessing the University and soccer program while participating in the camp.
  • Interact with the coaching staff
  • After camp is over we can have discussions about your collegiate opportunities
  • Have the coaches share their evaluation with other colleges you are considering

How camp is run each day on the soccer side?

  • Evaluation of player’s individual skills and assigned to groups accordingly
  • Daily movement of players based upon their skill level
  • Focus on many touches with the ball and the technique behind this
  • Players will play in a variety of game enviornments to further enhance skills
  • We pay close attention and try to avoid injuries due to fatigue

Men’s Soccer Recruit Form http://bearsports.wustl.edu/sports/msoc/recruit-form

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